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Unrivaled Design. Comprehensive Services. Maximum Impact.

At Artistry Events, our passion for creativity shows nowhere more strongly than in our love of design and décor. Whether you’re engaging your sales team, entertaining new clients, or celebrating a new product launch, we harness our creativity to create events of great impact and to communicate your message. Because we offer a complete line of services, we can design your event comprehensively to produce the maximum bang for your budget.

Over the course of almost 15 years, we’ve built an extensive network of some of the most talented artists and craftspeople in Colorado, which we harness to implement your vision. Nothing is beyond our imagination or capability.



AED was founded by professional artists who understand that great design makes for impactful events. We tailor our designs to your objectives to produce events that are on target and on message.



At the heart of great design is great décor. Unlike other event companies, we custom design and hand build most of our furniture and décor in house, guaranteeing your guests a unique and memorable experience.


Lighting & Audio

Precise lighting and crystal clear audio can make the difference between a message that’s impactful and one that’s unintelligible.

Our a/v team has produced over 3,500 events, including performances by Grammy award winning artists and world class performers. We have the experience to make sure your message is heard loud and clear.


Art & Live Painting

We offer a full line of imaginative and fun art based entertainment options, from chalk artists to live painting to interactive murals.



Most entertainment companies try to plug a talent option from their stable of performers into your event’s requirements, often trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. We take the opposite approach. We first work with you to determine your entertainment needs, then find the performers that fit those needs, ensuring you a great fit.




Samples of Our Work